How does the Earn It Point System work?

Practice and play games. Once you have completed your practices and games you simply upload your Gamechanger or other official stats to Upload Stats tab each week and we do the rest. All of your stats are quickly converted to Earn It Points (EIP) and your progression is updated on our servers and a graphic will be sent to your email that you sign up with showing your progress each week. It’s that simple!! 

How do I upload my stats so I can earn points?

Once you have completed the sign up process and become a Signature Earn It Athlete you will be able to upload you stats and receive credit for your in game statistics.

What happens if I don't earn all the rewards during my current season?

If you are unable to earn all of our amazing rewards during the current season, we will simply roll over your points to our next season. You don’t lose progress and can continue to Earn It. Remember earning it is supposed to be difficult but not impossible. You got this!!

Do I have to cash in points to get the gear?

You don’t have to do anything to get the gear outside of earning the stats and practicing. Once you reach the gear thresholds shown on our progression lines we will immediately package up and send the gear to you based on the preferences you indicate on the Google Form you fill out when you sign up.

When do I get my gear?

Once a threshold is passed, we will immediately gather your earned gear and ship it out to you.

If I cancel my membership do I lose my progress?

If you decide to cancel, we will still keep track of your progress until you decide to join us again. We want to make sure that once you have decided you want to earn your gear you will always have a chance to do so.

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